Responsável Técnico

Dr. Denis Valente | Cirurgião plástico

CREMERS 24617 | RQE 18465


Bioplasty, plastic surgery without cuts or scars, was created by the plastic surgeon Almir Moojen Nácul, and have been considered by many as a revolution, and also known as the plastic of the third millennium, it can be used on face and body.
Constitutes deep (with the bone tissue and muscles) of Polymethyl methacrylate PMMA or Hyaluronic Acid (Juvedérm Voluma) with the use of microcannulas, specially designed for this purpose that are introduced through small incisions in the skin about 4 mm without any cuts and without the need of making any scars. Everything is performed under local anesthesia.
The patient can go home immediately after the procedure. The tiny incisions usually close a few minutes after the procedure. Although some transitory signs of the treatment, the patient is able to return to their activities the same day of application, and can even travel, work or even to develop leisure activities that do not involve physical exertion. These transient signals tend to disappear in a few days.

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