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Dr. Denis Valente | Cirurgião plástico

CREMERS 24617 | RQE 18465


Dr. Denis Valente uses only Botox ® Allergan ®, this toxin can generate a selective and temporary relaxation of the facial muscles, smoothing expression marks and, when necessary, eliminating wrinkles active.

Botox ® is effective also to raise eyebrows, giving more light to the eye, and eliminate wrinkles, also of expression, which appear on the nose in some people when they smile. Even those who suffer from excessive sweating both underarm and hands, can significantly slow down the problem with Botox ®, also used in the treatment of neurological and ophthalmic diseases.

Cost considerably more accessible than when it appeared two decades ago, Botox ® tends to keep its effect for about three to nine months, gradually disappearing. Besides the immediate effect, the product also causes long-lasting benefits. As the muscle is paralyzed, because of the toxin into the habit of frowning, for example, significantly decreases.

And when the effect of Botox ® stops, the muscle is weaker, and the result of this equation is that the appearance of new wrinkles is reduced.

The continued use, on schedule and evaluated by a physician, tends to cause the toxin effect is more prolonged.

The concept of using a combination of Botox ® with Bioplasty is also very interesting, for example “lifit Nefertiti” is a technique that uses botulinum toxin and fillers to rebuild the contour of the jaw and stretch the skin of the neck and was recommended for persons with mild tenderness in the region.

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