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Dr. Denis Valente | Cirurgião plástico

CREMERS 24617 | RQE 18465

Removal of Skin and Fat

The aesthetic appearance of the arms is of great concern to many people, since the accumulation and sagging skin in this area are treated only by removal of excess tissue, not responding to treatment or cosmetic bodybuilding. The sagging in the arms can cause a patient to stop wearing clothes that could show them, specially, especially in people who have had significantly weight changes. Several surgical techniques have been developed to improve this condition.


Patients who have excess skin or fat in the arms or sagging skin.

Total duration of surgery

About 80 minutes.


Local anesthesia with sedation.


Ambulatory, immediately after the procedure or after 4 hours.


The objectives of surgery basically consist of removing the skin and fat accumulation in the treated arms making more beautiful and in harmony with the rest of the body.

Incisions and technique

Incisions are often positioned in places difficult to visualize, very difficult thing to hide in arms, often have a length of about 15cm. All care will be taken that these incisions are placed in less visible, and become virtually undetectable and discrete lines, over time, however this is not always possible, and often gets a very nasty scar, there must be a clear understanding that in exchange of sagging and excess skin and fat, there will be a scar.

Undesirable effects

Serious complications are uncommon. Potential complications are basically asymmetry, dimpling, skin pigmentation and bleeding. Temporary numbness of the skin and hematoma (accumulation of blood) are possible complications. Irregularities of the skin may occur in some patients and can be treated if necessary. The infection is very rare. Local edema that usually remits within 2 months is what occurs in almost all patients. The scars may be extended, with changes in color and very noticeable.


Compression garment should be used for three days, light physical exercises can be performed 5-7 days after the procedure and heavier exercises about 3-4 weeks after surgery. Patients usually complain of tenderness to the touch on the first day, this question is subject to wide variation, since the threshold of pain can vary significantly from one person to another. If there is any greater discomfort, the conventional medications will be sufficient to solve the problem, always with the appropriate knowledge and doctor’s prescription.

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