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Increase Breast

The breast is considered a strong determinant of sexuality in a feminine body, it is not uncommon for women with small breasts feel less attractive, which can often result in disturbances or embarrassment of sexuality with her partner or herself. The placement of silicone breast prostheses is an important decision in the life of a woman and should not be taken without due reflection and time to properly understand all the implications of this act. Normally, when presenting small breasts, many patients experience unpleasant situations in their daily lives, and all that creates a mood that, psychologically, could strongly directs the search for the solution of the problem. The role of the media in recent years, has also been an important factor to motivate women in this sense, once said, unequivocally, the aesthetic standards of the time. The silicone implants can be introduced in different ways, the most used are the axillary, trans-nipple-areola, submammary and periareolar. There are also different types of implants, each with their specific indications and individualities, and the size will vary according to the wishes of the patient, but above all, according to their body structure, so the patients with a smaller physical structure should opt for implants of small or medium volume. It is known that for a long time, many questioned the medical use of silicone implants in breast augmentation, this led to its withdrawal from the U.S. market by the FDA (U.S. government agencies responsible for drug distribution), in the 80’s. After 20 years of intense research, no research undertaken by the most prestigious U.S. universities have been able to demonstrate any connection with the use of silicone to Breast Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases. On the contrary, some studies have shown to reduce rates of breast cancer, but now believe there is no difference, the use of silicone does not cause nor prevent Breast Cancer, therefore, after your surgery you should keep your routine visits to your gynecologist and self-examination, such as regular mammograms.


Women who feel that their breasts are too small and can be increased to improve the body silhouette. The cause may have been lack of development of breasts, or uneven development, leaving one breast smaller than the other, or whose breast shape and volume have changed due to weight loss, pregnancy or aging.


Increase the size of the breasts. Improve the consistency of the breast. Improve body balance.

Total duration of surgery

From 90 to 150 minutes.


Epidural with sedation.


Outpatient 4-12 hours after the surgery.


Back to work, if not a strenuous physical activity, it is possible within a few days. The scar takes several months to become unoticeable, in some cases can take a year or more. The dressings should be changed in the first two weeks after the operation. Shower is allowed 24 hours after surgery and the stitches are removed after the seventh day. A special bra should be worn for one month, driving is allowed after two weeks and exercise only after two to three weeks.

Undesirable effects

There will be some pain and discomfort (controllable with painkillers), increased tenderness, swelling, change in nipple sensation and possibly bruising for two to three weeks.

Incisions and technique

We work with several types of incisions, and the decision on the type of scar is defined by the doctor in conjunction with the patient, we say that each breast has the scar most appropriate to your format, we always try to make smaller incisions possible, if is not necessary to modify the position of the areola we can use an incision of four to five cm in the fold below the breast, a half-moon incision at the bottom of the areola, a 4 cm incision in the areola and nipple, or an incision in the armpit. The implant can be placed above or below the pectoral muscle, depending on each case and the type of implant chosen. If the breasts are sagging or need nipple elevation is also recommended that the study along with breast augmentation, for this need to realize vertical scar, or anchor-shaped scar.

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