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Dr. Denis Valente | Cirurgião plástico

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Buttocks Liposculpture

Liposculpture is a procedure widely used in the gluteal region. It may have three purposes: To improve the contour, increase or decrease. To improve gluteal contour we used to reduce fat in certain areas and reinjecting the same fat in other, changing the conformation of the buttocks making it more defined and creating an aesthetically pleasing relationship between the projection and width. The reduction of this area is also carried out with liposuction which can decrease the buttocks in total or in some specific locations, so that this area becomes very beautiful. As for the increase in buttock liposuction becomes a good option for patients who do not accept to undergo Bioplasty since, in our opinion, in most cases Bioplasty is the best way to increase the gluteal region. The gluteal liposuction has the biggest problem that is the resorption of injected fat that can reach up to 80% of the volume obtained immediately after surgery. It is very common to associate this procedure with liposuction of the abdomen, since the anesthesia used is the same.


Patients who feel uncomfortable with the aesthetic appearance of their butt.


Ambulatory 12-24 hours after surgery

Total duration of surgery

About 90 minutes


Epidural with sedation.


Compressive garment used for two or three weeks, light physical exercises can be performed 5-7 days after the procedure and heavier exercises about 3-4 weeks after surgery. Patients usually complain of tenderness to the touch on the first day, this question is subject to wide variation, since the threshold of pain can vary significantly from one person to another. If there is any greater discomfort the conventional medications will be sufficient to solve the problem, always with the appropriate knowledge and doctor’s prescription. The swelling is usually intense during the first 2 weeks, when rest is essential. Red or purple stains usually settle around the operated areas, usually persisting for one to two weeks. The stitches are removed between the fifth and eighth days after the procedure. Edema improvement should occur within the first month, after which there will be a residual swelling with areas of rigity and irregularity, which may persist for some months, without preventing the patient to carry out its daily social activities. Techniques of lymphatic drainage and massage therapy as well as external ultrasound may be useful in this post-operative recovery.


Shaping the butt. Harmonize the body contour.

Incisions and technique

Incisions are often placed in difficult viewing and usually have a length of about 0.4 cm. All care will be taken that these incisions are placed in less visible places, and become discrete lines and virtually imperceptible over time.

Undesirable effects

There is a rare possibility of asymmetry, dimpling, skin pigmentation and bleeding. Temporary numbness of the skin and hematoma (accumulation of blood). Irregularities of the skin may occur in some patients and can be treated if necessary. Local edema that usually improve after two to three months is what occurs in almost all patients.

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