Responsável Técnico

Dr. Denis Valente | Cirurgião plástico

CREMERS 24617 | RQE 18465

Female Genital Surgery

Several factors may contribute to the trust, sexuality and femininity, but none are as personal or private than the appearance of the genitalia. In women the labia may be asymmetrical or irregular from birth or develop with age due to pregnancy, hormonal changes, trauma or sexual intercourse. In most women the labia are usually seen only when the legs are apart, however, in some women they become apparent even when the legs are not separated, causing embarrassment, discomfort and malaise. Avoid placing tight pants, bikinis and gym clothes to even avoid the sexual partner. For these reasons many women seek to make them smaller, sharper and more symmetrical through plastic surgery. Other differences that are also common, but that patients end up not looking for us due to ignore that are potentially treatable are: accumulation of fat in the pubis (lot-of-Venus), loss of hair on the pubis, the sagging labia majora and vaginal enlargement.


Patients who feel uncomfortable with the aesthetic appearance of their genitals.


Ambulatory Surgery. Patient returns home from 2 to 6 hours after the procedure.

Total duration of surgery

Between 60-90 minutes.


Local with or without intravenous sedation.


To improve the aesthetic appearance of the area hiding imperfections.

Incisions and technique

incisions hidden inside the vaginal lips with variable extension.

Undesirable Effects

Occurs some swelling and discomfort that usually lasts no more than 1 week. Complications are extremely rare but may include changes in scar quality, sensitivity changes that are usually temporary, some level of asymmetry or infection .


Patient should use for about five days absorbing device, such as the one used during menstruation to absorb the small oozing that usually go out and promote a protective padding in this region. The points fall alone after one week. Most women returned to work after 2-5 days. Exercises must be avoided for 3 weeks, and should be abstinence for about 5 weeks.

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