Responsável Técnico

Dr. Denis Valente | Cirurgião plástico

CREMERS 24617 | RQE 18465


The forehead area is often an important element in facial aesthetics. As one of the areas that show early signs of aging and may stigmatize the person on the basis of some wrinkles, giving the impression of being frowning or angry. The surgery of this area is basically used to modify the formation of the muscles and skin, removing the excess and disguising the wrinkles and folds, and to make a more aesthetically pleasing contour of the forehead and hair implantation line. This surgery is usually performed with the aid of a video camera about 4 mm, allowing smaller scars and that the important structures such as nerves and vessels are visualized with an increase of 20 times, giving greater security to this procedure.


Usually men and women over 40 years, although some patients in their thirties can also benefit from this procedure. Adults with forehead wrinkles by excessive activity of muscles may benefit from this procedure, people with low or sagging brow, sad or tired appearance and deep horizontal forehead wrinkles, worry lines between the eyebrows and the nose.

Total duration of Surgery

Approximately 120 minutes.


Local intravenous sedation performed by the anesthesiologist.


Hospitalization for about 6-12 hours after the procedure.


disguise wrinkles, furrows and creases. Bring facial balance.

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