Responsável Técnico

Dr. Denis Valente | Cirurgião plástico

CREMERS 24617 | RQE 18465

Scar Correction

Scars on the face constantly generate deformities that are difficult to treat. All procedures in the sense that we are to camouflage and hide the scars, but we must bear in mind that they will not disappear, just may become less noticeable. The procedures we use aim to place the scars in hidden places, improve its color and decrease its thickness.


Patients with scars that change the contour of the face.

Total duration of surgery

About 60 minutes.


Local, similar to the one used by dentists.


Do not need hospitalization, the patient returns home soon after the procedure.


Disguise scars.

Incisions and technique

Variable as each case.

Undesirable effects

Local edema usually disappear after one week. Bruises that disappear spontaneously, but they are rare.


is a simple procedure that usually precludes the use of sedation anesthesia. After the procedure the patient should only use local cold compresses and sleep with extra pillows for the first 2 days to avoid the installation of edema. In some cases we use dressings with silicone tape.

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