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Post Gestational Treatment

The abdomen is the body part that most feels the effects of pregnancy. During this period, the abdomen can quadruple its volume, resulting in at least three unpleasant physical consequences: sagging skin, loss of elasticity of the abdominal muscles and fat accumulation in areas of the abdomen, waist and stomach. The abdominal flaccidity is the result of loss of muscle tone. In pregnancy, there is a removal of the abdominal rectus muscles, with consequent projection of the uterus. Often, after childbirth, these muscles do not return to its previous condition, even with exercise. A common problem in women who gain more than 12 pounds during pregnancy or have twins. Plastic surgery allows you to remove the skin, correcting the sagging muscle and eliminate localized fat, leaving the abdomen firm again. Plastic surgery of the abdomen should only be performed at least three months after the mother is no longer breastfeeding, and never before the baby is six months. The classical abdominoplasty is indicated in cases of great flaccidity, usually when there have been more than one pregnancy. Always associated with liposuction, to remove fat from waist, abdomen and other regions near the abdomen to the unit body is treated as a whole, aesthetically reshaping it at once. Some younger women, after one or two pregnancies, are privileged by nature. They do not have striations or sagging, only a localized fat in waist, belly and breeches, which do not disappear with diet and exercise. The best indication to solve this problem is liposuction.


Women who feel that their abdomen is with excess skin and fat or localized and may, or may not have weakened the abdominal wall and want to improve the body silhouette.

Internment / Outpatient

Ambulatory 12-24 hours after the surgery.

Total duration of surgery

From 120 to 180 minutes.


Epidural with sedation


Back to work, if not an exhausting physical activity, it is possible within a few days. The scar takes several months to become unoticeable, in some cases can take a year or more. The dressings should be changed in the first two weeks after the operation. Shower is allowed 24 hours after surgery and the stitches are removed after the seventh day. Small drains, when used are removed after a few days. They are used to prevent the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal wall. We recommend using compressive garment during the initial 2 weeks.


Improve the abdominal volume. Distribute the excess skin. Tighten the abdominal muscles. Improve body balance.

Incisions and technique

We aim to make the smallest possible scars, but the size of the scars is directly proportional to the amount of skin and fat that needs to be removed. An horizontal incision is made ​​just above the pubis, similar to that used in caesarean section and which extends laterally to the beginning of the iliac bone. The length of the scar depends on the amount of skin and fat that needs to be removed. The scar is usually hidden by underwear and bikinis. When the excess skin is small and fat deposits are concentrated below the navel, the horizontal incision can be quite small, and surgery is then called mini-abdominoplasty. When there is excess skin above the navel is made ​​a second incision around the navel, freeing you from the abdominal skin and the excess skin is then pulled down and removed, the navel is to remain in its original location.

Undesirable effects

Temporary pain is usually treated with simple analgesics. Swelling, temporary decrease in the sensitivity of abdominal skin and bruising.

Additional Notes

About the future plan to become pregnant or lose weight should discuss this prior to surgery. The scars from previous abdominal surgery may influence and limit the results of the abdominoplasty. There may be an improvement in stretch marks located below the navel, where the skin is removed. The striae of the skin above the navel are less visible when the skin is stretched, but not disappear.

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